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The Peace House is situated at Krøjerup Overdrev 16, 4180 Sorø ~ Zealand, Denmark     (an hour from Copenhagen and the Airport)

The House is a combined Bed & Breakfast and Activities House.

You will find a lot of room here – both indoors and outside. The Freedom to use this space as you wish and need to is big. What would you do in a House that gave you that Freedom?!

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RegnbuehjørnetTwo bedrooms are on the first floor. My activities room on the ground floor can also be booked as a sizeable bedroom. You will find one spacious bathroom on the ground floor to share. Six people are the maximum amount of visitors staying in the Peace House at the same time. You will also find the Kitchen on the ground floor which you are welcome to use. The breakfast is organic and vegetarian and time for breakfast is made in agreement with me. On the first floor is also a big room for your enjoyment and relaxation. I invite you to make you feel at home.

There is NO wifi or TV in the Peace House. I invite you to use the time you spend here without a lot of input from the outside world. We have two cats on the premises that need to be the only animals here. Therefore pets are not allowed.

PAYMENT IS CASH ONLY!!! I prefer Danish Kroner. I accept EURO and British Pounds though.

Prices are all inclusive (Tax, breakfast, linen, a towel, access to the house):

  • 1 person ~ one night: 475 Danish kr.
  • 2 persons ~ one night: 750 Danish kr.*
  • 3 persons ~ one night: 1.125 Danish kr.**
  • 4 persons ~ one night: 1.500 Danish kr.
  • 5 persons ~ one night: 1.800 Danish kr.
  • 6 persons ~ one night: 2.100 Danish kr.

*If 2 persons would like separate rooms the price is 950 kr.

**If 3 people would like separate rooms the price is 1.425 kr.

  • 1 person ~ two nights: 750 Danish kr.
  • 2 persons ~ two nights: 1.500 Danish kr.*
  • 3 persons ~ two nights: 2.250 Danish kr.**
  • 4 persons ~ two nights: 2.880 Danish kr.
  • 5 persons ~ two nights: 3.400 Danish kr.
  • 6 persons ~ two nights: 3.720 Danish kr.

The Green Room

The Green Room:

This room has the energy of Nature as well as your bonding with Nature. There is a focus of balance and Love. The Love of everything. The element is Earth. The direction is West.

The room is available as a double bed or twin beds.

The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room:

In this room you are able to connect with YOUR unique power of creation and creativity. Magic and Miracles ~ you will also find in this room. The element is Air. The direction is East.

The room is available as a double bed or twin beds.

Bed corner in the Love Room

The Love Room on the ground floor:

This is my large light room to the North. It is also my activities room and therefore provides a lot of space. In this room you have the energy of grounding and LOVE. The element is Earth. The direction is North.

The room is only available with a double bed of 140 x 200 (as shown in the photo).